Baghuvaar - A model village | Son of Himalaya – Dr. Nityanand |Saviours of Hope (Fani Cyclone Odisha)

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Symbol of Justice: Panchayat Building of Budhavar Village

Baghuvaar - A model village

Shivangi Srivastava

It is an established fact that the real Bharat exist in its villages. It is equally true that it is very hard to locate a real model
village. Never the less If you visit village Bahuvaar situated in Narsinghpur district of Madhya Pradesh you will find that such

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The Modern Saint : Nityanand Ji

Son of Himalaya – Dr. Nityanand

Arunima Chitale Pophali

Mussoorie, located in Uttarakhand, known as the queen of hills, attracts lakhs of tourists every year but all is not that beautiful in this rugged terrain of Himalaya and has its own set of hardships. In this serene and rugged land there was a man of grit who devoted his entire life to liberate t

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Saviours of Hope (Fani Cyclone Odisha)

Arunima Chitale Pophali

After casting votes in the first phase of India’s 17th General Elections, on 11th April,people here too were curiously waiting for some excitement in next month as elections results were to be out on 23rd May. But…. …. Somewhere in West Sumatra in the Indian Ocean something terrible was shaping up for Odisha. Due to tropical depression a high end category hurricane that was given the name Fanirapidly building up.Fani rapidlyintensified into an extremely severe cyclonic storm and reached its peak intensity on 2 May 2019, which harnessed devastation at a speed of 200 km pe

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