Dream Come True - Yamgarwadi, a Rare Journey./ Creation in Catastrophe/ Devdoot in Kedarnath/Inspiration Sh. Yadavraoji Joshi

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Its Time To Light The Lights

Pawan Sharma

The story begins with the scene near Hanuman Mandir, where Rekha usually entreat with her younger brother and it seems like she's gonna spend her this night like the every night without a blanket, empty stomach and that also in too chill climate only if those kind hearted people don't arrive.

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Soldier Of South

Rawsaheb Kulkarni 9420301992

Shri Yadavraoji Joshi has created history by giving his 50 years for Sewakarya in Southern India. He was a very simple looking Maharashtriyan young man with short height but having high determination.

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Resurrection After Devastation Angels In Kedarghati

Vedricha Rathore

The floods of that occurred in kedarnath are unforgettable. We all saw water in its most dreadful form, plight of tourists, on TV channels. But what went unnoticed were the acts of kindness shown by Sangh volunteers, which gave strength to the victims during the difficult times. Sangh volunteers worked for several days and nights despite continuous rains, amidst the debris and on risky roads. From building the first helipad after the destruction to helping orphaned kids resume their studies, Sangh volunteers are working hard to help the flood victims, till date. Nobody knows Yogendra and Brijmohan Bisht. These Sangh volunteers had already started rescuing people by a private helicopter, even before the army and air force could reach the place. The heavy rains that occurred on the 16th and 17th June destroyed everything. Finding a helipad for landing was impossible.

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