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The Last refuge (In the care of Angels)

Dr Yuvraj Krishna Rana

We often hear the phrase `God helps those who help themselves`, what we do not hear much, yet know it to be true is that  `God cares for those who cannot help themselves` , for we have all felt it at some point in our lives, when God saved us by sending help when we were helpless. Like parents have soft spot for the weakest child in the family, God has a special place in his heart for the helpless. God's love and care reaches the needy through family and friends. But what if even the family and friends have lost hope and shunned the helpless?

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The True Saint : katre guruji

Katre Guruji: A Saint Who Walked Over Leprosy !

Pawan sharma

Some succumb to the hardships but few tame the scarsof life into their guiding force. Sadashiva Govindrao Katre, also known as- Katre Guru Ji- was the man belong to the later genre, who not only defeated his own sufferings but also helped countless to do the s

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The story of Bravery


‘The doctors’ is that group of humans who go through the most divergent and sometimes startling experiences that keep testing them. And today was the toughest test of Dr. Rishi’s life.

The children’s ward of Chatarpur District Hospital (M.P.) caught fire, risking the lives of 23 babies. Present on the duty at that time, was Dr. Rishi Dwivedi, a pratham varsha shikshit Swayamsevak. Without a thought about his own life, Dr. Rishi showed massive courage to save these 23 babies from the wild fire that could have ended the innocent lives

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