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Success Stories

Miracle In the Mountains

Ambrish Pathak

Himalayas have always been mysterious-an eternalescape for mystics, monks, adventurers and tourists alike-for time immortal. In these mountainous terrainlivesacelestialcreature called-Snowfall, which has two faces. One is Divine and another is Devilish! With the Divine face it....

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The True Saint : katre guruji

Katre Guruji: A Saint Who Walked Over Leprosy !

Pawan sharma

Some succumb to the hardships but few tame the scarsof life into their guiding force. Sadashiva Govindrao Katre, also known as- Katre Guru Ji- was the man belong to the later genre, who not only defeated his own sufferings but also helped countless to do the s

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Kerala: The God`s Own Country Shattered

Ambrish Pathak

God’s Own Country- This is what Kerala is called for its divine natural beauty that attracts millions of tourists across the globe. But in the beginning of July 2018, world witnessed the besieging of this land of God by a terrible Demon of flood. It was the worst flooding in Kerala in nearly a century. According to government records over 483 people died. No one can claim with surety that how many are exactly missing.  According to the Kerala government, one-sixth of the total population of the state has been directly affected by the floods and related incidents.

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