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Showcasing of Yoga during the annual function of hostel

Holistically Yours


It is rightly said that “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love of learning”. Such golden chapters are written in Shrimati Nirmala Sagdev Vanvasi Chatravas, Bhopal. This project was manifested and started by a Sangh Pracharak and parent of Sevabharti Late Vishukumarji

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The True Saint : katre guruji

Katre Guruji: A Saint Who Walked Over Leprosy !

Pawan sharma

Some succumb to the hardships but few tame the scarsof life into their guiding force. Sadashiva Govindrao Katre, also known as- Katre Guru Ji- was the man belong to the later genre, who not only defeated his own sufferings but also helped countless to do the s

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Made To Help

Dr. Yuvraj Krishna Rana

A single blow of misfortune can destroy lives. This is what happened in Bhopal. Homes and lives, built bit by bit  was burned to ashes with a single stroke of bad luck. On 9th April 2018 at 12:00 noon, in a hot day,LPG gas cylinder, in one of the shanties of the slum near posh residential area of Saket Nagar, exploded and heavy fire broke our. Quickly whole slum was turned into a fire pot melting down not just the houses, but dreams and lives of helpless slum dwellers. Amid all this chaos, a group of young men in 'Khaki Shorts' arrived there and launched the rescue and relief operation. It seemed as if God had sent Angels to do his bidding, to save and serve the people in the times of sufferings. The young men in 'Khaki' shorts were none other than RSS swayam sevaks in Gana-Vesh. The swayam sevaks, through their selfless devotion to the cause to alleviate the sufferings of fellow human beings formed a wall of protection against chaos and misfortune. The swayam-sevaks took it upon themselves to pull house-hold items out of fire, while some pitched tents to shelter the affected families. Thirty one shacks in this 25 year old slum  got destroyed in the fire. The victims had lost everything, the situation was desparate.

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